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John “Milverine” Hamann Gallery Night recap

Truly honored by everyone who came out and met John ” Milverine ” Hamann at the Meet the Milverine on Gallery Night. Filling the showroom with sounds of lyrical and dramatic opera, John gave us a proper lesson in Rosinni covering the greats from Mario Lanza to Vivica Genaux. Like a Jedi Knight, John is a disclipned and veracious opera lover with an extensive, knowledge of the art form. The next time you see John walking the streets of Old Milwaukee be sure to greet him with a hello - he’d like that. The “Milverine” is more than a walking legend, a romance-novel fantasty or a myth. John is a man. John is the Man. So do yourself a favor (be a man or a woman) and make a new friend.<br>

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